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Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
When it comes to art class, students at Canton Middle School have some of the best supplies and equipment in the Mountains.

Its professional equipment similar to what you would find at a community college or university studio.

Art teacher Stephen Harris is showing his students how to use a pottery wheel.

He has 9 of the wheels in his class, along with plenty of clay and glazes.

His most recent purchase is a slab roller for the students to use with their creations.

He says the money for much of the supplies and equipment were bought with money from the QuickDraw Fundraiser.

He says because of this vital funding, he can offer classes that present unique challenges that require problem solving skills.         

The QuickDraw Fundraiser will be this Saturday at the Laurel Ridge Country Club in Waynesville.

The money that's raised will be used to supplement art programs in schools throughout Haywood County.

For more information, click here Awesome Art

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