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Blind Side

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
In our Never Stop Learning, Mountain Middle School students experience what life is like for the "visually impaired" and for some of them, the results are life changing.

Students use a cane to navigate the hallway at Waynesville Middle School.

The entire 6th grade is taking part in a program called "blind side."

Four different stations are set up to show students how challenging everyday activities can be for the visually impaired.

They're also getting some insight about what life is like for their classmate, Sam Chandler.

Sam was born blind, he hopes this experience will educate and raise awareness

Sam chandler, "I think they understand what's going on with me but I think it's just more of a learning window for them to see exactly what happens in someone who's totally blinds' world."

The program is sponsored by the "Industries for the Blind" of Winston Salem. Blind Side

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