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Bonus Learning Time

Updated: Tuesday, September 24 2013, 10:21 PM EDT
Elementary school students in Henderson County are learning to "paint like the masters".

Ms. "M" shows the students how to draw their self portrait, then they get to add the color.

Year round students at Hendersonville and Bruce Drysdale Elementary are taking part in Bonus Learning Time.

During the morning and afternoon sessions students take part in activities that aren't offered during the regular school day.

Students say it gives them more time to concentrate on their talents and learn a thing or two in the process.

The program also offers performing arts, which is something the students aren't exposed to during their normal school hours.

They also have science, extended P.E. and other classes.

The next Bonus Learning Time will be held during the December break at Bruce Drysdale Elementary School.Bonus Learning Time

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