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Bottle Cap Art

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
A local art teacher has come up with a project that combines art, science, problem solving and power tools.

Yep power tools!

After a short safety lesson from Ms. Rouchard, the students were "down with the drills".

It's a  project that includes all of the 5th graders as well as hundreds and hundreds of bottle caps which were recycled by the students and staff.

Once it's complete the 20 different designs that include a lady bug, a flower, and a turtle!

All of which will be used to decorate the school.

The artwork project helps to develop team building and problem solving skills.

Plus it helps the environment, since recycle places don't take bottle caps.
The project is made possible through a $500 McDonalds "McCreative Kids Arts" grant.              Bottle Cap Art

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