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Camp Invention

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
It's called Camp Invention and the idea is for students to come up with solutions for world problems, and they've got some pretty good ideas!

Annie and her group put their heads together to come up with a vehicle that can transport people through a sandstorm.

It will have  plastic around it and a periscope for viewing.

Other young scientist are building a better house, one that can with stand hurricane force winds.

But if it fails, there's a bunker underneath for safety.

48 kids are taking part in the science, technology, engineering and math workshop.

They say it also gives them the opportunity to learn to work as a team and to not get your feelings hurt if know one likes your ideas.

The kids even got to create their own signet rings.

They can use those to stamp any project they've completed.

Camp invention is offered in 49 different states.Camp Invention

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