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Celebrating the Earth

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
Students at Evergreen Community Charter School are celebrating Earth Day all this week.

They're using the special week to teach others about how to protect the world we live in.

"It is because of us humans we are destroying their habitat to invest to get money and stuff." 4th grader, Hollis is talking about the very tiny "spruce fur moss spider", it lives here in the Great Smokey Mountains and it is dying in record numbers.

The 4th graders are teaching second graders about endangered and threaten species in America.

They've researched different animals like leatherback turtles flying squirrels and bats.

They're even writing local lawmakers to give them ideas on what can be done to save the animals, like the manatee.   

And students brought in food in blue and green cans to make a mosaic of the earth.

Once the artwork is complete, the 613 pounds of food will be donated to MANNA food bank.Celebrating the Earth

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