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Cool Cups!

Updated: Monday, November 18 2013, 03:00 PM EST
Today is National Cup Stacking Day.  It's  a sport that takes a lot of practice, speed and concentration.

Some mountain students are hoping to pass on their "cup concentration".

Ethan is teaching third graders the different styles of stacking.

The older part of the "teaching everyone about community health" or Teach Program.

It's a service learning organization at Pleasant Gardens Elementary School that requires students to learn something themselves and then teach.

They're trying to make the community aware of healthy living.   

The teach students will hold a Thanksgiving Dinner, Friday night at 5:30pm,  but there's a twist.  They'll be serving samples of substitutes to traditional Thanksgiving Dishes, along with the recipes.  The goal is to encourage families to incorporate healthier alternatives into their own Thanksgiving dinners.Cool Cups!

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