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Cool To Be In School

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
A big thank you for a job well done and for continuing to make good choices, and who better to deliver that message than the Mayor of Asheville?

This weeks 'Star Class at Avery's Creek Elementary school gets a star visitor.

Ashevilles' Mayor, Terry Bellamy, is joining them for lunch.

She's no stranger to school cafeterias or classrooms, she volunteers on a regular basis and encourages other to do the same.

She saying it shows the children that the community cares about their success.

Mayor Terry Bellamy, "it's a partnership by having  volunteers come into the school they make a world of difference it helps the teachers helps the students and helps the volunteers it gives them a sense of pride knowing they're helping another child to be successful."

Mayor Bellamy says everyone has a good time when you volunteer so she encourages all of us to contact a school near you and offer to help.

You can do something as simple as volunteering to read with a child to helping spruce up the school yard.Cool To Be In School

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