Never Stop Learning
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Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
An after school reading program is helping students understand the importance of taking care of the earth.

As you'll see in our Never Stop Learning report, when it comes to raising awareness, the kids have it in the bag.

Meet the members of the Eco-Readers.  This morning they're recycling old t-shirts, turning them into no sew bags.

This year the book club is studying  children's literature that focuses on taking of the environment.

They recently read "Bag in the Wind", about a plastic trash bag that gets new life.

Students say they've learned the act of just one person can make a big difference!          
Next the students plan to read the book "Here Comes the Garbage Barge."

Third and 4th graders have the opportunity to take the Glen Arden Book Club every year.Eco-Readers

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