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Egg Drop Challenge

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
The class is called "Force in Motion" and it's one of the favorites at Koontz Intermediate School in Buncombe County.

This morning students got to take part in an "egg drop challenge."

The assignment was to keep the egg in tact, following a 40 foot fall.

The hands on activity gives the students a chance to apply their knowledge of basic physics.

20 of the 25 eggs survived the drop, not bad odds.

Teachers talked with the students about how outside factors like the wind played a role in the experiment.

The cross curriculum instruction included the aig program and a science class.

Those students who's egg was "scrambled" so to speak say they've already come up with some ideas on how to improve the project for the next drop.Egg Drop Challenge

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