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Eliada Corn Maze

Updated: Wednesday, September 25 2013, 09:09 PM EDT
Most of you have probably heard of Cinderella, but do you know who Cider-rella is?

In our Never Stop Learning, we follow the storybook trail called "Cider-rella and the Little Glass Slipper."

The book is based on the story of Cinderella, with an apple twist which makes it perfect for the season.

Children can walk through Eliada's Corn Maze and read the story while enjoying a fall morning.

The pre-schoolers say it's a very good book, and after hearing the story you'll know how to treat others.

Folks from Hickory Nut Gap Farm brought apples so the children could sample a number of varieties like an Empire, an Ozark Gold and a Jonathan Apple.

The maze is open to the public on the weekends and this week is Flashlight Friday, so you can walk through the corn stalks using a flashlight to guide you through.  Organizers say it gives the maze a spooky feel.

Click here for more information. Eliada Corn Maze

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