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Farm Facts: A Wooly Field Trip

Updated: Wednesday, October 9 2013, 09:09 AM EDT
Home schoolers head out to Mills River for a farm field trip.  It's a lesson that involves wool, but it has nothing to do with the wooly worm.

It's feeding time at Sycamore Farms in Henderson County and the sheep just can't get enough of those animal crackers.  The homeschoolers are spending time with these 44 Shetland Sheep.

The farm tours are designed to teach kids and adults about sheep and their wool.  Students say it's wonderful to see the animals running through the field.

The kids get to see what happens to the fleece after the sheep get a hair cut.  They also get to touch the yarn and test their math skills on a loom.

Sycamore Farms is open year round.  For more information about the tours, click here. Farm Facts: A Wooly Field Trip

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