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Figuring Out Fractions

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
It's a new math concept for these third graders, but little by little  they're catching on.

As you'll see in our Never Stop Learning report, this is one time when it's hip to be square.

Students at Hillandale Elementary School are using the geo-boards to make equivalent or equal parts in their square.

The third graders have just started learning fractions.

Ms. Medlin says for some students it's hard to grasp, that's why a "hands on" lesson helps them visualize the numbers.

Some students say they think about how they would use fractions in their everyday life and that really helps!

Ms. Medlin says give these third graders a couple more weeks and it will soon be as easy as adding and subtracting.Figuring Out Fractions

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