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First Buddy Camp

Updated: Tuesday, August 6 2013, 10:31 PM EDT

A first of it's kind camp in Asheville.  The focus?  To provide a summer camp experience for children with special needs.

As you'll see in today's Never Stop Learning, the camp has kids diving right in.

Folks at Lutheridge Ministries are holding their first annual "Buddy Camp" this week.

They are partnering with the Western North Carolina Down's Syndrome Alliance, to provide a free camp for children with downs syndrome.

They get to participate in all kinds of fun activites like swimming, canoeing and arts and crafts.

For a lot of children, they have never experienced summer camp.

Curt Euler, Pres. WNC Down Syndrome Alliance, "we have a lot of 6 and 7 year-olds and for a lot of parents this is their first time sending their kid off to a day camp so were pretty excited to be able to give them a safe opportunity where they feel their child is safe."

Brandon Dressen, senior staff, Lutheridge Ministries, "I think they get a new environment... A lot of them are used to the classroom setting and learning things through that so this just gives them another outlet in ways to learn and grow I think"

The WNC Down's Syndrome Alliance says there is a need for "special needs" camps.

They are hoping this camp will set an example and it will grow larger so more kids can participate.

First Buddy Camp

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