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Flat Stanley Returns

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
Many of you may have heard of Flat Stanley, if not...he's a storybook character who was flatten when a bulletin fell on him.  Which sounds bad, but that made it easier for him to travel.

As you'll see in our Never Stop Learning report, some McDowell County students are benefiting from his Stanleys' adventures.

Just a couple of weeks ago the paper doll traveled with Marion's Mayor on a mission trip to Belieze.

Through Stanleys' travels they learn about the poor conditions in that country.  What the schools are like, what the people eat, and how they live and the geography of the land.

The experience helped the children understand what life is like outside of their own community and just how fortunate they are to live in America.
Currently a gallon of gasoline in Belieze is $11.07 and a gallon of diesel is $10.89.

Teachers at Pleasant Gardens Elementary say it's been a great experience because Stanley has also visited the fire chief and the police department.

They say his visits give students a better understanding of their community leaders.Flat Stanley Returns

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