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Garden Volunteers

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
Employees at a mountain restaurant are pitching in to help children develop an appreciation for locally grown produce, and planting the seeds for a firm foundation.

A beautiful echnacia plant goes right into the school garden.

Twice a week this is where you'll find these volunteers working side by side with pre-schoolers at Odyssey Community School.

The volunteers are employed at the Chili's on Tunnel Road.

The volunteer work is part of the restaurants "Growing the Perfect Pepper" program.

The adults say they love spending time with the children.

And the children?  They love diggin' in the dirt!

The Chili's volunteers also helped the students make labels for the garden.

Once the tiles are fired, they'll be able to with stand the elements outside.

Especially all of this rain we've been enjoying, or not enjoying depending on how it's affecting your garden.Garden Volunteers

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