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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Updated: Monday, August 19 2013, 05:02 PM EDT
One mountain elementary school is making sure it's students have healthy minds and healthy bodies, by zooming into their fitness routine.

Ms. Nikki is a fitness instructor at the YMCA and she's really giving these kindergarteners a workout.

For the 5th year Hendersonville Elementary School is taking part in the Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies program.

P.E. Teacher Zack Stewart invites guest instructors to come in and give the kids a cardio workout.

The students also keep track of their exercise outside the classroom as well.       

The students are competing to see which grade level can chart the most miles through the state.

If the entire school reaches its' goal, the principal has agreed to kiss a pig.

One way they can earn points is by taking part in the Three Mile Cubcat Crawl Fundraiser, this Friday at 6:30pm.

The PTO is working with the Hendersonville YMCA and Pardee Hospital to put on the event.

To find out more about the race, click here. Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

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