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Hillandale Elementary Quilting Club

Updated: Thursday, October 24 2013, 03:25 PM EDT

It's a classroom assignment that requires, scissors, a needle and a whole lot of thread.

With a lot of encouragement and some good guidance, members of the Quilting Club at Hillandale Elementary School are learning how to sew. Their art teacher, Mrs. Bryan is showing each student how to make a square. Once they're finished, the squares will be sewn together to make a quilt.

Students say they've had a lot of practice and they're getting pretty good at it.

"But the one thing that isn't easy is to keep like doing it and sometimes you get mixed up," said Juan.

"The hardest thing to do is back sew. It's where if you make a mistake you have to back sew," said Baylee.

Once the quilt is complete, the students will hang it in the hallway at Hillandale for the community to enjoy. Ms. Bryan says the quilting also helps the students with their geometry because they talk about shapes and patterns. Sewing is also a practical skill they will be able to use for a life time.

Hillandale Elementary Quilting Club

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