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Industries for the Blind

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
Life can be very difficult for a disabled child.

They are met with challenges everyday, that we are unaware of, but there's a camp here in Asheville that's designed to, shall we say, level the playing field.

It's a summer camp that helps kids who are visually impaired or blind spend time with children who are just like them.

And when they all get together, well, that's A'more!

Things are getting hot in the kitchen for these visually challenged students.

During the summer camp they get the opportunity to cook as show lemonade people here well as participate in other activities.

Students say they are like any other boy or girl, and that no one should "shy away" from trying new things, no matter what challenges you face

The camp is sponsored by the industries for the blind in Asheville.

It is free for children and teens who are blind of visually impaired.Industries for the Blind

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