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Living Wax Museum

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
The assignment for kids at one mountain elementary school, a research project of someone famous in the music industry.  But this was more than just a written report.

As you'll see in our Never Stop Learning report, the kids actually became their characters.

You may recognize that as "Taylor Swift" singing her hit song "Trouble."  She was just one of the music stars represented at Fairview Elementary School.

The students in Mrs. Clausen's third grade class each picked a famous person in music.

They researched them and put together a bio-board with timelines and fun facts.

Today they shared that information with fellow students and their parents by dressing up like their artist and creating a live wax museum.

The kids say the project helped them learn a lot.

All the third graders at Fairview Elementary are taking part in the living wax museum project.

This week other classes will present information about famous authors, illustrators, and historical figures from North Carolina.Living Wax Museum

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