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Nativity Kindergarten

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
In just a few weeks, school will be out for the summer, and while many students will be celebrating others are already looking forward to next year.

The class at Nativity Kindergarten in Arden read a book about our country.

Now the kids are doing activities to show what they've learned.

At this school the  students' curriculum is based on the common core standards, Spanish, music, and P.E. Are also offered.

Teachers say the students are well prepared for first grade.

At Nativity, the kindergarteners and pre-schoolers are encouraged to share activity stations.

Also something else that's unique about the program, it's a half day schedule.

Many parents say they like that because at this young age some kids aren't ready for a full day of academics.Nativity Kindergarten

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