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Seasons of Gratitude

Updated: Wednesday, November 6 2013, 11:33 PM EST
During the month of November students from across Western North Carolina are discovering the history and culture of different countries from around the world.

In our Never Stop Learning report, Tammy Watford takes us to Woodfin Elementary School, where students are taking part in the "Seasons of Gratitude" program.

Amanda Silverman is teaching these second graders about what the people in India are like.

She's focusing on the four day rice festival, when they celebrate the harvest.  The kids even get to sample some of the food.

The goal is to make children aware of the world around them and to celebrate our similarities and differences.

And the students sampled some of the food that might have been served at the green corn festival which was celebrated many years ago by the Cherokee.

They also talked about what the first Thanksgiving was like here in America.

The program is put on by UNCA and the Center for Diversity Education in Buncombe County.Seasons of Gratitude

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