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Sweet Lesson at Apple Stem Camp

Updated: Thursday, September 5 2013, 04:03 PM EDT
It's a sweet lesson at one mountain school that integrates, science, technology, engineering and math.

In our Never Stop Learning report, we attend "Apple" Stem Camp.

"You can do the math, 125 apples times 20 is how many apples is in a bin".  That's 2500 apples and farmer Jerred say an average worker can pick between 6 to 7 bins a day!
Jerred Nix of Wayne Nix and Sons is teaching students about apple production and it's influence on the community.

They even get to sample it kids get to sample the apples and blackberries, and they learn about the  efforts to protect their crops from disease, birds and even hungry bears.

Farmer Jeremy also told the students that at his orchard they're pretty much over the disease problems.

Their main concern right now is the possibility of a hail storm, he says that could mean the difference of a good year and a very bad year.Sweet Lesson at Apple Stem Camp

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