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Therapy Dogs International

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
For some students reading out loud in the classroom is a real treat.

For others, who may struggling with the words, it can be terrifying.

But there's one canine who can calm their fears.

These boys and girls are "circled up" for reading class, and right in the middle is their audience, is a German Shepard named Olec.

He is a member of "Therapy Dogs International".

Today his mission is to sit and listen at Etowah Elementary School.

His presence calms the anxiety some students may feel when they have to read aloud.

And reading class turned into math class before Olec's visit was over.

He is 58 inches from the tip of his tail to the tip of his nose, his head is 15 inches long, and those ears...they're 4 inches tall.

Plus, he's 8 years old, the very same age of many of the students.Therapy Dogs International

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