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Wax Museum Trip

Updated: Tuesday, November 12 2013, 09:21 PM EST
From entertainers like Micheal Jackson and Taylor Swift, to artists Vincent van Gogh and Monet.  Some very famous and influential people showed up at one mountain elementary school.

It's a living history lesson the students won't soon forget.

Ruby Bridges was there, the Wright brothers, even Muhammad Ali.

Third graders at Johnston Elementary School are portraying famous people at a wax museum.

Students got to chose a famous person who has made a difference in the world.  They used the  schools library and digital learning lab to gather the information.  They wrote an autobiography about the person and today they're telling the kindergarteners all about it.

Teachers say allowing the students to select the famous person they wanted to research increases an interest in learning, and public speaking helps the students with their self confidence.Wax Museum Trip

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