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WNC Nature Center

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:18 PM EDT
A number of school systems are out this week for spring break.

That means many of the students and their families will visit the Western North Carolina nature center for a lesson on the plants and animals native to the southern Appalachian region.     

Junior is a screech owl, which is the smallest of all of the owls.

He now calls the Nature Center home after he had a collision with a car.

He is a great ambassador for the raptures.

Here children and their parents can learn about many of the nocturnal animals.

The program also encourages people to step outside and enjoy the world around them.

Keith Mastin, Educator Curator, "that's what we're so proud of being up here in the mountains is out wildlife our natural heritage and if we can get out there as families and experience a lot of what our ancestors did we can pass that information along and keep passing it on to our other generations."

Educators at the Nature Center say with more than four Western North Carolina counties enjoying spring break this week, they're expecting big crowds.WNC Nature Center

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