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Angela McMinn

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT
Many years ago a ten year old girl lost the man she loved and admired most, her father.

He was the police chief in Saluda when he was gunned down in the line of duty.

That shot also shattered the hearts of his family.

His daughter Angela is 47 now, but no matter how much time passes she honors the way her father lived his life by helping others. 

On a tree she used to climb as a ten year old, on land where the families mobile home once sat, Angela McMinn comes often for the memories, the good ones.

"They nailed boards up this tree and there's still a board here", Angela McMinn, Person of the Week, "There were limbs too and there was one board or two above that."

It's where her family lived for seven years until one fateful day.

The day her father, Saluda Police Chief Andrew Williams was killed in the line of duty.

The family left, returning only one time to get their things.

"I lost him that day but I had him when I was here."

To this day, Angela McMinn holds true to something else her father left her, "Mom and Daddy taught me to care about people."

She volunteers her time to help other victims of crime.

The Officers Down Memorial page is a non-profit that honors fallen law enforcement officers all over the nation.

The No Parole for Cop Killers Initiative is to ensure the killers serve their full sentences, something Angela knows all about as she fought the parole of her father's killer until he died 15 years later.

"He never gave a thought to Daddy's 10 year old daughter but by the time he died he knew who I was."

Tiffany Williams, sister-in-law, "I mean it's daily.  From daylight to dark that she's reaching out to people all the time."

She's at a place in her life now, at peace doing what her parents would want, "it's where I'm supposed to be."

From time to time, at another place across the street from the police station and the railroad tracks, she visits another site that will forever have meaning, "I love this memorial it's great and it's beautiful."

A reminder that no matter how much time passes, Andrew Williams sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Words on a marble bench tell how he died, but his daughter Anglea likes to tell how he lived. 

It's taken time, "there were a lot of baby steps.  There were baby steps to begin with then there were bigger steps."

But with each person she helps, she rises to a place where she sees more clearly that turning hurt into helping others.

To learn more about the officer down initiative to keep killers of police officers behind bars, click here. Angela McMinn

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