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Betty & Will Porter

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT
We're singing the praises of a couple who are celebrating 25 years of changing the lives of boys from troubled homes.

Actually, our "Persons of the Week" should be the ones singing.

What the Porter's are giving these boys is more than home, they're giving hope for a better future.

In a beautiful place amid the hills of Clyde, there sits a bountiful home, filled with family.

The boys staying are unrelated, but they relate in ways no child should have too.

"It's a safe haven for kids to come."

They can't be with their families.

They've been removed for reasons so hurtful, and sometimes hateful, they stand to lose their childhood.
"The kids come from broken homes.  They come from not being taught respect."

For 25 years, Betty and Will Porter have being teaching, and more importantly living the lessons every child needs.

They are house parents at Broyhill home.

"I call em  Mr. Will, Miss Betty.  We have to use Mrs. here and Mister."

They've been called a lot of other things too, after all, this is where the boys ended up after being taken by DSS.

Betty Porter, Person of the Week, "so many times, they think we're the bad people that have taken them away from their family. And once they realize we're in it for them, and see their little hearts melt. That's what makes it all worthwhile."

"No matter how we treat them.  Cuss at them.  Scream at them.  They still show you love and it's really cool."

When 18 year old Kiwani Hamilton arrived six years ago, he had spent much of his life living in a closet.

"He was 12 years old and weighed 32 pounds.  And wore size three toddler clothes."

Kimani Hammilton, "every house we moved into.  Bedroom was our closet.  No matter how big or small.  They'd look for a closet and put us in there."

Will Porter, Person of the Week, "the story is so tragic.  You asked a while ago what keeps us going.  Well you just seen it today."

"They raised me.  Taught me how to use a spoon and stuff."

"They're like a mom and dad.  To them, they don't see this place as a job.  They see it as a ministry."

But it's by no means the only one.  Two weeks a month, Will, Betty, and their son Sean are the Porter family singers.

While they're on the road, another pair of house parents comes in.

"We've been doing that for the 40 years we've been married."

They'll tell you they do it to reach souls.  It's not so different than the harmony they create at a home for boys they have made their life's calling.

"This place is like a home.  This is the only home i know of."

The Broyhill Home is one of several with Baptist Children's Homes serving Western North Carolina.

To learn more, and to find out where the Porter Family Singers will be appearing in a town near you, click here.

To find out more about the Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina, click here. Betty & Will Porter

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