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Bick & Lorene Bickerstaff

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT
It's been said that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Our "Persons" of the Week have been married for 75 years, longer than the average life expectancy.

They told New 13's Larry Blunt it was love at first sight and it's love that never lost sight of what's important.

If time could measure love and devotion, minutes into days, hours into years, few could add up to the marriage of Bick Bickerstaff and his wife Lorene.

Lorene was 17, Bick just 19, when they were married.  It was 1938, during The Great Depression, "we hardly had two nickles to rub together, but we had faith in one another."

75 years later, they still do, "we go back to almost the horse and buggy days for our grandparents."

They've gone through lean times and mean times such as World War II when Bick went off to Okinawa, leaving a little something that made a big impact.

"I still have that and carry it in my wallet til this day," the four leaf clover he picked at the airfield before he said goodbye.

"I'm not superstitious but he found it and gave it to me and it's just something to remember."

And the memories continue to be made with four children, eight grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.    

John Bickerstaff, oldest son, "they want to be there for the high moments, the weddings, and the low moments when someone passes away.  They're always there."

Just like any marriage, no matter how long a couple has been together, Bick and Lorene have faced challenges and changes, "I would say not anything we couldn't handle."

"Talk to each other. Don't leave anything unsaid and solve all your problems before you go to sleep at night."

They've faced every problem with faith as their focus, "it's the fact that we kept Christ at the center of our family our whole lives and we urge other your people to do that."

As a couple, they have always found the best in each other, "well he's been the love of my life for a long time now.  That's for sure."

75 years and counting, who knows, maybe Bick and Lorene will break a record, "we'll try!"

Even if they don't, they're marriage has made a mark for generations of Bickerstaffs to come.

"I hope we will leave behind with our descendants the importance of love in their lives."

Love that is timeless, no matter how many years of marriage.  "I thank the Lord for placing her by my side."

Congratulations to Bick and Lorene.

By the way, the longest living married couple in the U.S. according to "Worldwide Marriage Encounter", is a couple from Connecticut who have been married 80 years.Bick & Lorene Bickerstaff

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