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Eddie Foxx & Sharon Green

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT
Those of us who work in radio and television, especially on-the-air, are expected to give some of our time to help others in the community.

Some give beyond what's expected, and it becomes personal.

Many of you know our "Persons of the Week", but what you may not know is the hours upon hours they spend because it's personal, it's for what they call extended family.

When the Eddie Foxx shows goes on at 5 A.M., expect good natured ribbing.

They're like family.  They're  perspectives, are uniquely theirs.

What many people don't hear is just how much these two do for the community. 

"They're always right there ready and willing to help.  Not just by their job, not just on the radio."

"They are wholeheartedly in what they can do for the community."

Away from the microphone, and even at events not promoted by the station, they use personal time for public service.

Michaela Blanton Lowe, Community Dir., March of Dimes,  "whether it's for the Red Cross, March of Dimes, Ty Blanton Foundation..."

When Michaela Blanton Lowe lost her husband, Trooper Shawn Blanton, and her son Ty to a heart defect months later, Sharon Green reached out.

"She gave me a little cross and a teeny piece of paper that said God bless you, I'm praying for you.  And that really meant a lot to me."

They've meant a lot to Miss Wheelchair North Carolina.

Brandee Ponder, State Coordinator, Miss Wheelchair NC, "they are 110 percent sincere in everything they do."

So on a day when Eddie and Sharon thought they were at Mission Children's Hospital just to read to children, as they have done so many times...a special thank you.

The reading of a certificate of appreciation, a pat on the back, a hug around the neck for two people who's purpose goes way beyond performing.

Dr. Susan Mims, Mission Children's Hospital, "for really going above and beyond and their exceptional dedication to the community."

Sharon Green, "Persons of the Week", "it doesn't feel like going above and beyond.  It feels like we don't do enough a lot of times with what we have.  We're very blessed."

Eddie Foxx, "Persons of the Week", "I would do anything for any young-un here for any of the staff members.  I'd give up my last dollar, my britches if I had too.  I'd give it to them."

No britches necessary, they've already given of themselves.

"For Eddie and Sharon.  It's more than what they do.  It's who they are."Eddie Foxx & Sharon Green

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