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Jennifer Ramming

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT
She began as a volunteer in her sons third grade classroom.
But what our Person of the Week experienced, inspired her to go much further than third grade.
She created OpenDoors, and it's opening hearts and minds so that children have a better chance to succeed.
As a parent volunteer at Isaac Dickson Elementary, Jennifer Ramming had a revelation several years ago.
A teacher asked her to work with some 3rd grade boys who were acting up.
Jennifer Ramming, "and so I got to know this group of boys out in the hallway and what I realized is they couldn't read.  That gap was a big aha for me."
It opened her eyes to kids living in poverty, many who can't see the door of opportunity closing, "cultural reasons, economic divides, racial divides that those doors have been firmly closed."
To open them she created the non-profit OpenDoors of Asheville.
It's opened the way for Kimya Ray and her four children.
They live in public housing, facing hardships that can hinder their chances for success.
Kimya Ray, "it's really hard on us, the kids, my daughter, my sister's daughter."
April's daughter is in the same kindergarten class as Kimay's daughter.
Kimya Ray, "OpenDoor, Jen Ramming, she's there when I need her.  Whenver I call her she's right there."
Brad Johnson, Principal, Isaac Dickson Elementary, "they're able to help a child out of whatever situation they're in and help create opportunity for them."
Opening doors, so children can take a path to prosperity.
OpenDoors is funded entirely by individuals and businesses, and they're in need of volunteers.
On February 23rd they're having "The Art Affair",a fundraiser at the venue.

For more on OpenDoor & "The Art Affair" fundraiser, click hereJennifer Ramming

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