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Josh Stack

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT
People who create non-profits, do so out of a passion they have for a certain cause.

Our "Person of the Week" has combined two passions and it's making a difference in hundreds of lives.

He got the idea years ago at a rock-n-roll concert and it's turned into musical mission ever since.

Wherever musicians perform and people gather to listen, chances are Josh Stack is there too.

"We try to enhance an existing event!"

He's trying to fight hunger in a place where the focus is on fun and the message is the music, but Josh saw an opportunity.

"I saw an opportunity to do things for food banks"

Josh Stack, "Person of the Week", "I've been able to co-mingle my two passions which is working to help others and music."

It led to the creation of the non-profit F.A.T.E., Funding America Through Entertainment.
"I started setting up food drives at The Orange Peel and Grey Eagle." 

"I would get in touch with the musicians and every concert they would tell their fans to bring food."

The idea came almost 13 years ago when Josh set up food drives for the group Widespread Panic.

"Engaging fans to give back in all the cities where the band would play.  They'd play 30 some markets in a tour."

"They've always had philanthropic efforts going on continually and they're just honest down to earth guys."

Some describe Josh Stack the same way.

Brenton Wharton, Pisgah Brewing Events Coordinator, "I don't know that many people who put that much energy into making people's lives better."

John Tressler, F.A.T.E. Board member, "he gives pretty much everything he has back into the community. And his main cause is just feeding hungry people."

It's a passion he took to MANNA Food back for awhile as communications director.

"The good banks are working tirelessly just to meet the need. (See him here) So they don't have the resources to do the innovative steps that can interrupt poverty, and that's sort of what I want to do with F.A.T.E."

To learn more about the non-profit fate and how you can help, click here.   Josh Stack

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