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Judith Harris, Krissy Wheeler, and Shanna Hough

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT
There are those who believe that people are put in our path's for a reason.
A student at AB Tech believes not just one, but three women came into her life at a time when she needed them most and the impact has been tremendous.
"Sometimes people are in a tough spot."
Judith Harris, "Person of the Week", "how are they gonna focus on their school work and succeed in that if they don't have their basic needs met.  And you feel like you have to help and do what you can."
Judith Harris, Krissy Wheeler, and Shanna Hough work in Student Support Services.
When a student's in crisis, personally, financially, they can use AB Tech's emergency fund and connect the students to outside agencies, "everybody needs help at one point in their life".
Students such as Jodie Conlan who was living in her car will tell you, "it's more than a job to her.  I think it's more than a job to the ladies here." 
They did more than their job to help Shanna Jones and her family too.
The Jones' were living in the Salvation Army shelter while shanna and her husband kept attending classes at AB Tech, "they provided us with everything and anything we needed in this house."
The rent, the furniture, food were given out of pocket from the ladies and through donations they raised from their friends and churches.
Krissy Wheeler, "Person of the Week", "I can't imagine living at the Salvation Army as long as they did and then continue trying to be their best and come to school."
Shanna Hough, "Person of the Week", "it just tugged at our heart strings and we just felt compelled to help."  "We've given money for bus passes.  I've given money for car repair."
Shanna Jones, student, "within five minutes of meeting her she said don't worry we'll help you and your family.  We'll take care of it.   Just worry about school."
For students facing challenges that go beyond the classroom and the campus, "everyone wants to do their best and succeed".
"I do feel like people are put in your path for a reason."Judith Harris, Krissy Wheeler, and Shanna Hough

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