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Kelly Burrell

Updated: Tuesday, August 27 2013, 10:25 AM EDT
A famous dancer once said that dance, is the hidden language of the soul.

It can be a form of expression, interpretation, it can bring inspiration.

For our Person of the Week, dance is helping to heal old wounds, and recently she and her friends used it to help other women in need.

Belly-dancing may be seen as purely entertainment.

"Community is very important to belly dance."

For these dancers, it's also an expression of life.

Meaghann Lynne, director Raqs Beledi Dance Studio, "everything.  We express everything.  Joy, grief, fear, everything you can express you can do through dance."

It's through dance, these women have raised money for a number of causes.

"We've done a benefit for "care".  We've done a benefit for sarges.  We did a summer tour last year of all the retirement homes."

Kelly Burrell, Person of the Week, "giving back to the community.  Becoming part of something bigger than myself.  Bigger in the past."
For Kelly Burrell, her past is a victim of domestic violence.

"It's really hard to come back from that, to build your life back up, and you need help."

She saw a need to help other women, "it means so much to our organization that survivors step forward and want to give back."

Within "REACH", a shelter for abused women and children, a place whose address we cannot reveal, whose faces cannot be seen, the dance has become a deed of goodness.

It was Kelly Burrell's brainchild to hold an event to raise funding.

Julia Freeman, "REACH" of Haywood County, "this was her baby and we've been literally working on this together for over a year."

"All benefits such as this go into a victims service fund.  It allows us to keep this house open"

For Kelly, it's giving back the best way she knows how.

"She's walked away from a world of fear and pain and just embraced a world of empowerment and friendship and love."

You might say, it's a lot like dancing, even belly dancing.

"In the middle east it was about women coming together to support each other."

It's giving other women a chance to move on with life with what Kelly Burrell has found.

If you're interested, there are ways you can help "REACH", such volunteering to operate their 24-hour crisis hotline.   

To learn more, click here. Kelly Burrell

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