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Kimberly Lee

Updated: Friday, November 1 2013, 08:41 PM EDT
Dog's may be man's best friend, but some dogs fit better in certain families than others.  For big dogs, than can be difficult for a number of reasons.

Our Person of the Week saw a need to help larger breed dogs and through her time and energy she has saved dozens from death and made a difference for many families struggling to keep their pets.  

There's a room in Kimberly Lee's home, dedicated to dogs. 

There's medicine, a kennel cage, and t-shirts for events to promote her cause. 

"We're hoping for food all the way to the top.  It's a little low as you can see."

Low on food, but high on hope.  That's what Kim Lee has for all the big dogs she's tried to help.  It's why she founded WNC Large Breed.

Kimberly Lee, Person of the Week, "they're very hard to find a place to put in a shelter hard to squeeze in to a home."

Her mascot is Kane, a beautiful Great Dane, but her heart has gone out to many big dogs she's helped.

Kim Lee has about ten people who are part of her WNC Large Breed helpers, educating people about larger breeds is part of their mission.
Morgan Cayton, volunteer, WNC Large Breed, "that's a lot of the problem.  People don't understand what comes with a big dog from food to vet bills and things like that."

For this single mother who works 50 hours a week and makes at least three food or medicine runs a week, this could be a full-time job in itself.
"She still find time to devote her nights and weekend to the dog rescue."

It's devotion that comes with knowing what it's like to be a struggling family who doesn't want to give up their pet.

"It makes me feel so good inside it really does.  It's just, struggling myself I feel very blessed to help, help someone in need."

It's a big challenge.  Kim has adopted four of them, but she knows there are others needing what she has to offer and what anybody can give.
"Anybody can make a difference no matter what you do."     

To learn more about the WNC Large Breed k-9 Rescue Program and how you can help, click here or you can contact Kimberly Lee at Kimberly Lee

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