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Linda McLean

Updated: Friday, November 8 2013, 08:05 PM EST
Two women who had never met each other, shared a dream a number of years ago.

They call it Little Pearls and our Person of the Week has continued making that dream a reality.

She and her friends have created little canvasses of compassion, and as you'll see, they are reminders of the real value in our lives that connects each of us.

With words that warm the heart and pictures that tell a story, little pearls are reminders.

"We call them tiny films to open hearts and minds."

Linda McLean and her friends have been making those "little pearls" for years.  It's a non-profit producing short clips about real people and events that have touched our lives.

Most of all it's about connecting.  Linda McLean, Person of the Week, "I realized maybe three or four years ago the way to open somebody's mind is to go through the heart.  Because the mind can be totally closed."

Shared emotions, encouraging messages.

Debra Roberts founded Little Pearls, sharing the dream with Linda.  Debra Roberts, "I think Little Pearls shines a light shines a light on the sacred and the ordinary and that's what so often gets overlooked.  We're in a big bang, block buster culture and big things are wonderful but it's the little things in life that get overlooked."
Musician and film-maker Daniel Barber is part of the creative team.

Value that can't be measured by money or things they can only be shared.

"They have been and are being used in classrooms, some churches, at events."

And used to help others deal with the joy and sorrows we all encounter in our lives.  Personal experiences shared to strengthen spirits give and raise awareness.

"My husband died about 11 months ago. And I can really feel a little pearl of grief which is a misunderstood process."

Kat Williams is a performer who lends her talents, "you have these little pearls to appreciate the little things in life.  A smile, watching your kid walk across the room for the first time.

Pearls to perceive the good in others. "Linda to me.  She is the mother pearl.  She is the biggest.  It says Little Pearl but she's a big pearl."  "She recognizes and see things that are really precious."
An appreciation and awareness of what is around us, but most of all what's within each of us.Linda McLean

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