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Mike Farmer

Updated: Friday, October 11 2013, 08:07 PM EDT
Last month our Person of the Week returned from the trip of a lifetime.

Some might find it hard to even begin because at 70 years old, but Mike Farmer biked his way across America, coast to coast.

Along the way he and his wife Georgie, who followed in an RV, met and helped a lot of people and in doing so, enriched their own lives as well.

When Mike Farmer and his wife Georgie decided to go, it was that simple, "we just went and did it."    
A 23-foot RV is where they rested, "biking was about 85 days."

But biking the back roads of America is where this 70 year old from Flat Rock spent his days.

"Physically I've got limitations but mentally I thought about this trip."
Beginning in Bar Harbor Maine in late May, he made his way across the northern tier, around the great lake, past the corn fields of Iowa, they moved toward their destination.

And with Georgie driving the RV.  Going past out of the way places not heavily populated, they took the time to stop and talk to the curious.
Georgie Farmer, "we got a lot inquiries from people.  You know.  What are you doing.  What's this all about which is a good way to talk about all these charities."

Turns out they were riding for more than recreation.  Listed on the side of the RV were charities they were riding for. Kenmure Fights Cancer, The St. Gerard House for Children with Autism, and then there was Quincy.   They're companion on the trip and in training to help the blind.  The farmer's have been training guide dogs for 20 years.
Time and again, Mike's march west brought and out the best in the strangers they met.
Mike Farmer, Person of the Week, "we met people who would just come up and just start talking or we met them on the road.  And everybody was so nice and it just kind of turns the whole story around about America.  America is beautiful and the people are great and friendly.  And they're helpful."

It was a trip of discovery in more ways than one.  And when the farmers daughter and grand -daughters met up in Montana join them for the journey.  Mike had a little surprise for them, "I have no idea why I'm keeping these things".  Deer bones collected along the way, "and I thought oh man, the girls are gonna love this."  learning tool for the girls.  

In fact the whole trip was an education, ending in Anacortes, Washington.

The celebration of of 4285 miles of biking because he wanted too, and they raised $30,000 for charities.

"It's very hard to come away from something like that when every day is, just imagine every day your environment changes.  You see something new everyday."

He took roads less traveled and came away with wisdom, it came not so much from the riding a bike but taking the time.

Mike Farmer has a blog that tells more about his trip and the charities that he and Georgie are working to help.

To learn more, click here. Mike Farmer

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