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Neal Stamey

Updated: Sunday, September 15 2013, 02:19 PM EDT
Our Person of the Week has been making a difference at the Mountain State Fair from the very beginning.

He's been volunteering at the fair for 20 years but long before that he was still having an impact on young people.

His dedication to them and to the industry he has spent a lifetime living, has made him a Hall of Famer.

From early morning, through the night, raising cattle has no set hours.

"It's a lot work."

It's been Neal Stamey's life since he was a child.

Neal Stamey, "Person of the Week", "I showed my first steer when I was 9 years old and I've never been out of the cattle business since."

But more than a business, it's a passion.  One he has shared with young people for decades.

Tony McGaha, cattleman, "they come up and hug him from years gone by.  Right now we've got a lot of kids and they have kids now."

People like Teresa Muse, who Mr. Neal, as they call him, helped in her days of showing cattle in 4-H.

Teresa Muse, "Mr. Stamey showed me and provided the experience, the venues for us to continue on."

"I've done shows where their parents have showed and probably their grandparents."

He's got a wall of honors for his support of youth and dedication to the cattle industry.  He's been president of the North Carolina Cattleman's Association and inducted into three Hall of Fames, including the Mountain State Fair where his wife Shirley joined him in the honor.  He lost Shirley to breast cancer two years ago.

"She'd come help me.  When we was young she'd come help feed and everything."

Michael Stiles, N.C. Ag Dept., "anything to support agriculture, cattle, youth, children.  Mr. Stamey, you can always count on him. He's a pillar for that part of it."

To cattlemen in Western North Carolina, Neal Stamey is an icon not just for how he makes his living, but for how he lives his life.

"He has a desire within himself to make sure the farming generation is coming forward."

Congratulations to Neal.  He'll be announcing livestock shows this 20th year at the Mountain State Fair.Neal Stamey

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