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Robert Wyatt

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT
For 300 school children in Yancey County, the weekends can be especially tough.

In many cases, Friday at school is the last day they'll get a good, nourishing meal before they go home.  What they need is something most of us take for granted.

But our "Person of the Week" has given them something to look forward to.

Inside this house, every Thursday, circling tables with boxes of food, bagging what some might call treats, is more like treasure for the children who need it.

Amanda Desua, Yancey School Counselor, "these kids often come to school hungry and leave and are not looking at a lot of food throughout the weekend."

Robert Wyatt began operation feed a child in Yancey County six years ago.

Robert Wyatt, "the free lunch they had on Friday is the last time they ate until they got back to school on Monday."

He's the money-raiser, food gatherer, and volunteer finder.

In the beginning, 75 children in need were being helped every week.  It's now up to 300 a week.

Janice McKinney, volunteer, "it's a child, it's a hungry that's hungry and he thinks how could we not."

He's giving hope, and that's something Robert Wyatt knows a lot about.
He's battling Crohn's Disease for years, and recently started undergoing chemotherapy for prostrate cancer.  It hasn't stopped him.

Sandy Harrison, volunteer, "even in his time of need.  He doesn't look at himself in the mirror and say I'm the one in need, there are kids here."

And there are people in 31 countries Robert and his wife Glenda, a nurse, have helped.

On missions to India, Indonesia, helping people in Honduras evacuate during hurricane Mitch..they've put the needs of others first.

And now, in a house once owned by his mother, "she was the one who used to feed everyone after church when they had no place to go.  This is her dining room so she's doing it", he carries on a legacy.  "She would absolutely love this."  

"He just perseveres and goes on because this is his passion"  It's his nature, and for children in Yancey County, "it's at least something", something to look forward too.

60% of students in Yancey County receive free or reduced lunches.
Operation Feed a Child relies on donations to help them.

Click here for more information on the organization.Robert Wyatt

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