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Blitz On Chicken Wings Despite Shortage

Updated: Thursday, February 7 2013, 07:32 AM EST
Yes, there's a national chicken wing shortage. But experts say it probably won't have much impact on your Super Bowl party.

Wild Wing Cafe plans to serve up some 15-thousand of them this Sunday. While the shortage stings, it certainly won't put a damper on the busy weekend ahead.

"The shortage of chicken is based on the corn supply," explains Nick Barr. "The cost of
the feed goes up so the cost of the chicken goes up. It affects our
bottom line, it affects our prices all the way to the customer."

In West Asheville, Rocky's Chicken Shack put up a sign reading, "There's No Shortage Of Wings Here."

The high feed costs have increased wholesale wing prices by some 14 percent. But according to Rocky's, wing prices always surge at the beginning of the year. That happens to be during the NFL playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl.

"We raised our prices earlier this year so we can hold a plate price through the season," says Lauren Cundiff of Rocky's.

On the retail front, Ingles Markets says the chain has received only slightly less chicken wings than usual. Ingles says there should be plenty of alternatives, including frozen wings.Blitz On Chicken Wings Despite Shortage

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