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Dynamite Dad Finalist Gives Reasons To Live

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:15 PM EDT
We have three finalists in our Dynamite Dad contest and Jesus Agudo of Fairview is one of them. In 2010, one of the low points in his life turned out to be a turning point.

His son Chris wanted to die.
"I came to a point in my life where I was very depressed, and I decided to call it quits," Chris says. "I actually attempted to end my life."

"When that day came and we received the text saying he was going to end it all, it broke me as a father. I never felt so much pain in my life," Jesus Agudo recalls.

Just 17 then, Chris didn't kill himself, but still planned to attempt suicide.
Later, a doctor pointed the finger at his dad.
"You need to surround your son with reasons to live for. That's all she said," Jesus tells us. "'Living Is So Big' was born right there and then."

The epiphany inspired by love and desperation. Jesus created a "living is so big" web site, asking strangers to post reasons his son should choose life.
A 4-word phrase that's turned Chris' life around. He and his family distribute their "living is so big" message to whoever is willing to listen. Chris says paying it forward is payback.    

"You did something to completely saved my life and changed my life," Chris tells his dad. "And it's because you've created something called 'living is so big' for me."

Now, the Agudo's have more reasons to live than they can count, thanks to a dad who truly is dynamite.

Click here for more information on The Living Is So Big Campaign. Dynamite Dad Finalist Gives Reasons To Live

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