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Madison Co. Waterfall Accident

Updated: Friday, November 8 2013, 11:28 PM EST

What seemed like the perfect day changed on a dime at 50-foot falls in Hot Springs.
That's according to local campground owner Elzie McCall who says he was with two friends who fell from the waterfall Sunday afternoon.
He says Glen Loflin and Casey Taylor are lucky to be alive.
McCall clames Loflin dropped his cigarette lighter and tried to grab it when he slipped. Taylor, he says, tried to reach out to Loflin when both of them fell about 150 feet. 50-foot falls is not far from NC 209 near Henderson Drive.

Country Volunteer Fire Department assisted Hot Springs Fire in a rescue that took three hours.

"Had to do some really technical rescue with baskets and ropes," says Country Fire Chief Chris Sawyer. "We don't normally do in this area. "

We're told Loflin was airlifted with head injuries and a punctured lung and remains in the hospital.
Meanwhile, Taylor came away with a broken ankle and was eventually released.
All things considered, the accident could have been much worse.

Madison Co. Waterfall Accident

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