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NC Movie Tax Hike Proposed

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:15 PM EDT

In the summer of movies like "Man Of Steel," a proposed movie tax hike by NC lawmakers feels like kryptonite to a lot of movie fans.

At Biltmore Grande theatre, there are signs in the box office window asking for support in stopping the movie tax increase.

The proposal would take that tax from one percent to seven. That could add up to as much as 60 cents a ticket.
"And in this day and age we're already paying way too much," says one local fan.

Independent operations like the Fine Arts Theatre in Downtown Asheville could be hit hard.

"Well I would just equate that to your personal paycheck," says Neal Reed. "Take seven percent out and see how that affects you personally. It's a big hit."

The tax on movie candy might jump to 7 percent too. For some, even more reason to watch movies at home.
"We already come early just to get a little bit cheaper, we need a break," Mitchell Warren says, just before going to a matinee with his kids. "

Turns out "This is the end" isn't just the title of a movie.

One man says if the increase goes through... "It's gonna be the end of my coming to the movies that's for sure."   

By John Le
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NC Movie Tax Hike Proposed

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