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Special Report: Finding A Voice

Updated: Friday, November 22 2013, 07:20 AM EST
Meteorologist Julie Wunder's forecasts inform the community, but they also engage a young man struggling to speak.

Logan Heim of Hendersonville has autism. Several months ago, his speech therapist realized his passion for weather. They use Julie's weather segments as a teaching tool.

"This is boy is 13 years old and he's learning to talk. And it's really exciting," Logan's mom says.
"I really think I'm out here talking to a camera sometimes," Julie says, in the News 13 studio. "You don't really realize the impact you might make."

Speech therapist Cara Gregory says as soon as Logan sees Julie on TV, he has unusual focus.
"He's so interested in Julie's role delivering the weather. He's interested in taking on that role himself."

He repeats words and temperatures the best he can. An amazing development for a child who's struggled to communicate.

And no one's more shocked than our morning meteorologist.

"I don't think I would ever think people use what I do, telling folks about the weather, as a tool to make such strides in their life," she tells us. "It's so touching, I hardly have words for it."        Special Report: Finding A Voice

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