Coppins Critters
by Rich Peters, Coppins Critters

Used rail road spikes, purchase from local rail road companies
    Note:  It is important to know that used rail road spikes discovered along-side a rail road track are the property of the rail road company, and should not be removed without specific permission and/or payment.

Stainless steel wire - you can find these through wire forming companies
Spray Paints and Urethanes - you can find these at local hardware stores or craft suppliers. 

Welded & Painted animals made from recycled rail road spikes---5 different kinds:
Crickets, Grasshoppers, Snails, Butterflies, Dragonflies

-Brush and clean used rail road spikes for inspection and welding. 
-Some spikes, depending on type of animal being formed, have slots ground into the spike for placement of bent wire legs and antennae. These are wire-welded into place.
-Next, weld 3-dimensional eyes into the head of each spike.  These bug-eyes are the Coppins Critters identification mark, and part of our company logo.

-After assembly and wire brushing to smooth rough welds and edges, spray paint the items with 1 or 2 coordinating colors, at least 2 coats.
-Hand paint the eyes.  It makes them unique and gives them personality.
-Apply coating of urethane if you plan to use the item outside.

Rich Peters
Coppins Critters
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