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Investigative Report: Behind The Kitchen Door Part I

Updated: Wednesday, November 6 2013, 03:18 PM EST
Black mold,
cross-contamination and bugs found in the food, these are just a few of
the violations we uncovered at popular restaurants in Asheville but that
won't keep them from getting an "A" grade from county inspectors.

News 13's investigative reporter Mike Mason has this Reality Check on what's really going on behind the kitchen door

Estrada has owned "Circle in the Square pizza restaurant in Downtown
Asheville for the past 10 years.  It's a small business supported by
local customers.  Estrada says things were going great until just
recently when the tables turned against him. This past September, a
Buncombe County food inspector gave his restaurant a score of 83.5,
which is considered a B-minus.  That's the lowest score in the entire

Estrada remembers how he felt when the inspector issued
the rating saying, "It was kind of staggering to know it was the lowest
score, it was a wake-up call, obviously, but it was a shock because
throughout my 10 years of running restaurants in Asheville I've had an
average score of about 95."

A perfect score is 100 and anything
with a 90 or above is considered an "A" grade. Currently, all
restaurants in Buncombe County either have a grade of "A" or "B" and
none have been issued a "C" grade or below. Most of the points deducted
from Estrada's restaurant were for technical issues such as not having
his paperwork in order.  Other violations included not having food
containers labeled properly, missing a required food thermometer and
using a piece of cardboard to replace a broken cover to the ice machine.
So does that low score mean his pizza place is the dirtiest restaurant
in town?  Not according to Estrada, "I would say it's unfair and I need
to be judged on the same criteria every other restaurant is judged."

decided to see how inspectors judged other restaurants in Asheville.
David Mease supervises county food inspectors and tells us, "When
they're doing an inspection we look at one, where it's re-occurring and
two, the severity of it."

We checked out Homegrown, a popular
local restaurant on Merrimon Avenue. Last month they received a score of
95. Inspectors noted they did not have food containers properly
labeled. In fact, Homegrown was cited for this twice during their last 3
inspections but each time the inspector did not deduct any points.

in the Square, however, was written up for that same violation this
past September and the inspector deducted one point. Estrada says,
"Obviously I don't feel it's fair."

News 13s investigative reporter Mike Mason asked Mease, "Is that fair?"
replied, "You know, I wasn't there and we rely on our staff to use
their best professional judgment when they're in the field."

past March, an inspector also noted Homegrown was in violation for
having: "Food stored below exposed sewer lines in the basement".

asked Mease about this and he said, "That doesn't mean that there was
sewage dripping onto the food what it means is that our rules prohibit
food from being stored below exposed sewer lines."

continued to question Mease asking, "But it's cited because it could
drip, it could happen. Otherwise it wouldn't be there right?"  Mease
then replied, "Correct, correct."

Homegrown's owner tells us the line wasn't active and has since been capped off.

Indian Restaurant on North Lexington avenue received a score of 96.5
last month. During their last 3 inspections, Mela was written up for
not having food containers labeled properly. Each time no points were
deducted.  Estrada says he doesn't understand why he was docked one
point for the same thing, "How could one restaurant be cited for it and
the other ones not? Especially after repeat offenses, it just makes no
Mease admits, "I can see where they could think they're being
picked on possibly but I was not there to witness the inspection in
either of these cases."

This past May, an inspector also noted:
"The ice machine (at Mela) is in need of cleaningthere is black mold in
contact with the water and ice." Again, no points were deducted. Mela's
owner, Catherine Cambron gave us the following statement: "This is a
challenging business and local businesses are good for our community. We
have healthy and good food and we are proud of our score. People make
mistakes on occasion and we work hard to improve things."

Point Caf on Haywood Road in Asheville received an "A" grade on their
last 3 inspections but the manager didn't want to talk to us about them.
Sunny Point's latest inspection was last September when an inspector
noted the restaurant must: "Clean and sanitize the ice machine
frequently to prevent mold growth."  No points were deducted even though
that same violation was noted back in June.

According to Mease,
mold isnt a major concern saying, "I am not aware of a food-borne
illness linked to mold or pink slime growing in an ice machine."  We
also found Sunny Point was cited for having a problem with flies during
their last 3 inspections.

In September, an inspector warned the
restaurant: "Do not place fly strips over food or food prep areas."  One
point was deducted. We found the restaurant had a point deducted for
fly violations in all 3 of their last inspections.  In June, the
inspector wrote Sunny Point must make sure: "Dead insects and insect
fragments are prevented from..falling on exposed food."

asked Mease, "So fly strips over food prep areas, you're just going to
get one point and that's it?  Mease replied, "I was not there to
witness the inspection."

Salsas Restaurant on Patton Avenue in
Asheville has also maintained an "A" grade, scoring a "93" last
September. When we tried to question the manager he replied, We're
going to do no comment." During Salsa's last inspection the manager was
warned to: "Clean (the) diaper changing table immediately. Debris from
??? was on it." No points were deducted for this but Mease tells us,
"Points should be deducted. When asked why they werent he replied, It
may have been the first time they saw that problem."

inspector did take off one and a half points after finding: "Pink mold
on the shield" of the ice machine. This was listed as a repeat
violation. Another repeat violation was noted, stating: "Windows (must)
havefly curtain, fan for prevention of insects."  We found inspectors
have been citing Salsas for more than a year for that same violation
and each time they only deducted one point.

Mason asked Mease
about this, "So even though it shows up on the last several inspections
there's no enforcement?"  Mease contends, "The enforcement is deducting
the points on the inspection report."

Click here if you'd like to check out restaurant scores for yourself. Investigative Report: Behind The Kitchen Door Part I

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