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Amputee Inspiring Others

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT

Some go out of their way to hide what makes them different. But Nathan Sanders isn't built that way.

"I've really never let anything hold me back," says Sanders, who was born with no femurs and had both legs amputated when he was six.

That rare condition has only spurred him on to make sure others with disabilities don't feel inadequate.

"I feel like God's got me here for a reason," says the Brevard man.

Sanders is an avid kayaker and outdoorsman, doing whatever it takes to prove he's not disabled.

Now, he's on a campaign to raise money for what he hopes is the vehicle for awareness. He hopes to raise 7-thousand dollars online for a handbike. He wants to post video of his rides.

"And showing people with disabled members of their family that you can't hold yourself back and you shouldn't hold them back," Sanders stresses. "Because it's possible. "

To find out more about his effort, click here.

By John Le
Follow John on Twitter @AbsoluteLe

Amputee Inspiring Others

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