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Local Athletes Run For Boston

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:21 PM EDT

As a nation mourned the tragedy in Boston Tuesday, runners across the country hit the streets.

For a handful of women in the Asheville running community, the Asheville Brewing Company was the meeting spot, at 5:30 p.m. It was a memorial run.

"There are people that will never run again, there are people who will never see their families again," said Marty Harwood-Edes, who posted the run on Facebook, saying: "Run for those who can't."

"That could been any one of us in any marathon, and any of our friends cheer us on at the finish line, it could have been our spouse or our child, waiting to give us a hug or a high five."

For an individual sport, runners in Asheville are closely knit, and the bombings at the Boston Marathon - the sport's pinnacle event in this country - resonated.
"People are so affected by this because everybody knows someone who's either run Boston, run it themselves, or it's their goal one day to run the Boston Marathon," said Asheville runner Lizzie Sager, who ran the race last year.

Sager came straight from work and changed into her sneakers right outside the restaurant.

"It's just something I knew I should be doing."

By Ashlea Surles
Follow Ashlea on Twitter @AshleaSurles

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Local Athletes Run For Boston

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