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Lt Claims Mishandling of Investigation

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:22 PM EDT
An Asheville police lieutenant claims he was forced to change the facts of an investigation into a car crash involving the police chief's son.

Lt. William Wilke was the scene commander for the March 9th accident involving Chad Anderson, son of Police Chief William Anderson. 

In a statement given to News 13's Frank Fraboni, Lt. Wilke says on March 13th, he went to the city manager to express his concerns over what he knew to be "false and misleading information" given by Chief Anderson to the newspaper, and was told "to wait until the SBI investigation was complete".

The next day, Lt. Wilke claims he met with Chief Anderson and Capt. Stony Gonce and was "coerced and expected to submit to a set of facts and circumstances regarding the accident involving his son that were clearly false and misleading."

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