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"Miami Ink" Star Opening In Asheville

Updated: Thursday, January 9 2014, 06:11 PM EST
The star of reality show "Miami Ink" is bringing his brand of tattoos to Downtown Asheville.
"I looked around and I said you know what I could live in a place like this," says tattoo artist Ami James, who starred in the show until it wrapped up production in 2008.

In December, he announced plans to set up shop in Asheville via Twitter. Next month, he'll open on Wall Street in what's currently a bead shop.

"Self expression seems to be at every corner of these streets," James told us downtown. "I felt it, I felt really peaceful here. "

The father of two little girls says the time is right. He says his notoriety in Miami turned him into a hermit.
"All I wanted was to be a tattoo artist and nothing else," he explains. "When all things come from TV, you find yourself locked in your house more. I don't think it was healthy for the kids to be around it too much."

James says an "Asheville Ink" reality show is not in his future.

"I really came to Asheville so I could have a home, so I could not be around TV or anything like that."

So far, he's very content with his new life in Asheville.

"I grew up in Miami, it's not my ideal of where I wanted to raise my kids," he says. "Asheville seemed to have what I wanted. Small town, but growing and a great feel to it.""Miami Ink" Star Opening In Asheville

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